Job Hunting on LinkedIn

Job Hunting on LinkedIn

Warning – your boss may be able to see you are looking for a new role on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users are warned to be aware of how using the site could either alert your boss to the fact you are seeking a new role, or could make them incorrectly think you are looking for a new position.

The site now allows you to see which of your connections are online. You may in the past have accepted connection requests from your colleagues, which may include your boss and others in senior positions within the company.

There could be many reasons why you are logged on to LinkedIn, for example you may just be catching up with where a friend or past colleague is working right now. However, in many people’s minds, going on LinkedIn is inextricably linked to the idea of searching for a new job. Hence if your boss sees you are on LinkedIn, especially if you visit the site a lot, they may jump to the conclusion that you are looking to move on.

To avoid any awkwardness, make sure that you adjust your settings so that your connections can’t see you are logged on – seek assistance from the site’s helpdesk if you can’t work out how to do this.

Having said all that, LinkedIn is an excellent place to go if you really are seeking a new opportunity.

A LinkedIn profile should start with a personal summary which demonstrates exactly what you can offer – get your key selling points into this section: your greatest achievements, your range of skills and experience, why you are seeking a role in your chosen field.

Your profile then allows you to go into more detail about exactly what you have done in each individual role.

At the end of your profile you can then list all the skills you have demonstrated in your career to date. The site allows you to choose from a very large list – leadership, analysis, training and business analysis are just a few of the available options.

You can also use LinkedIn to obtain informal references from past employers, build a network of connections, publish examples of your previous work and search and apply for vacancies.

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