Job Hunting Over Summer

Job Hunting Over Summer

Job Hunting Over Summer

Job hunting over the summer holiday season when many people are away

July and August are of course the most popular times of the year to go away on holiday. Companies certainly don’t stop recruiting staff over the summer months, so if you are seeking a new challenge, you should still be looking at newspapers, trade publications and online job sites; and you should still be in contact with your recruitment consultant about potential new roles.

However, it may help your job search if you make some allowances for the fact that key people may be away on occasions during the recruitment process.

Firstly, although finding time to attend interviews while working is never easy, where possible you should try to be flexible. A prospective new employer might for example want to complete their interviews before the hiring manager goes on holiday.

Conversely, you should be prepared for the fact that the recruitment process might take longer during the summer period. Your interview may need to wait until a particular person has returned to work, or if you have had your interview, you may need to wait for them to come back before any decisions are made on whether to offer you the role. Companies might also want to wait until certain people have returned to work so that they can be involved in any training and induction programmes for new staff.

You may of course have your own holidays booked in the coming weeks. You should therefore consider letting people know, when you apply for roles, of any dates when you would be unavailable for interview.

The other issue that might arise here is if your booked holiday coincides with the time that the company wants the successful candidate to start, or if your holiday falls in the first few weeks of your new employment. No one should expect you to cancel a pre-booked holiday just because you are offered a new job, but if your interviewer asks ‘have you any holidays booked’, then answer their question honestly.

Many people also use their own summer holidays as a chance to take stock of their situation, so it isn’t uncommon for someone to decide whilst lying on a beach that they would like to get a new job when they return home.

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