Job Interview Advice that really matters!

Job Interview Advice that really matters!

So your C.V did the job and perhaps you made it through the telephone interview; now onto round 3 – the Job Interview. Before heading to a job interview you may want to remind yourself of some good best practices, especially if you haven’t had a job interview in a while.

Now any blog article can write a list of things to do at a job interview and that can include the normal stuff you’d expect to hear – be punctual, be confident, smile etc. But we like to think that this blog article has more depth and offers not just your average job interview advice found on any job related website. Our main advice for you job interview is – show yourself! Here’s how:


Consider the following scenario:

Two candidates apply for the same job vacancy. They are both well experienced and both are called to interview. Both answer the questions well but the job is offered to the candidate whose CV is the weaker of the two. Why? Because of their attitude

Remember that interviews are connections, the interviewer will be looking for a connection with you. So make sure you show personality, have a positive attitude and portray your experience.This is the type of behavior that’s going to impress at the interview stage.

Points of Focus:

Explain your experience: Discussing your experience is a great way of demonstrating to the interviewer what kind of candidate you are. Often you will find experience overrides qualifications. However remember to relate your experience to the job at hand. Tell the interviewer just how your past experience will help in this job. Give specific examples of things you have achieved for your previous company and how you can relate this to the new role.

Do you research – To show your interest and enthusiasm for a company, first you must research it. With most companies having an online presence this couldn’t be easier. Check out their website, read their about section and news updates and also  view the history of their staff. Also add the company’s social media channels – these are a great way of establishing a company’s voice and culture, providing they are using them of course! For more ideas check out KennedyPearce’s previous blog post on ‘The Importance of researching a company before an interview’. Not only will this give you a better understanding of the job but it will also make a good impression at your interview.

Ask meaningful Questions – Interviewers especially like it when candidates ask specific questions about the nature of the role, what the job entails, what the goals of the company are etc.Not only does this show you have done your research it also shows you are serious and engaged in this position. A great way to show the dedicated nature and enthusiasm of your personality. Asking questions can be quite difficult, especially if your interviewer in the explanation of the role gives you all the information you think you need. So to help you out with some examples of the types of question you can ask check out KennedyPearce’s previous blog on ‘Questions you should ask at a job interview’


So be polite, smile, tell them about you and ask about them and the company. Try to relax, a good idea is to practice with a friend to put you at ease. If you have any more pieces of advice add them to the comments section below:

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