Business Analyst

Business Analyst

One year contract for a large Financial Services firm as a Business Analyst. Our client recently created a new team to develop and improve reports, now they require a contractor to interrogate the data in those reports and resolve issues and amend incorrect data.

The regulatory reports are mainly produced in spreadsheet format within the risk domain. This data has not yet been migrated into the production environment. As a Business Analyst you will need to gain an in depth understanding of a range of complex spreadsheets and then the regular running of these to produce reports. You will also need to enhance the report processing which may necessitate specifying and managing change internally or in developing interim reports as a step towards full automation.

The key responsibilities are as follows:

* Enhance quality and efficiency of regulatory reporting, in particular the risk spreadsheet management and maintenance.
* Ability to analyse very complex and high volumes of data.
* Take on the ownership of risk focused regulatory reports and produce quality reports to an agreed timetable.
* Enhance spreadsheets as business needs dictate and where appropriate build these into self-service reporting.
* Work with the Data Warehouse teams to specify and develop accurate and self-validating reports
* Ensure that other stakeholders in the process such as regulatory reporting team members have appropriate and sufficient information.
* Technical assistance and advice to development team either in regard to new report production, changes to specifications or to assist in resolving issues in reports.
* Ability to integrate knowledge and reports into the production facing areas is essential so that reporting quality can be sustained.

It should also be noted that business requirement definition, spreadsheet documentation, test design, planning and execution are key aspects of the role. However, the team is small so there is also the need to act as project manager and perform functional requirement analysis on occasion. There will also be considerable liaison.

A high level of analytical complexity is involved as data is extensive and some system areas are highly complex.

You must have previous relevant experience including database interrogations and SQL. Futures and Options and a strong knowledge of derivatives products and related markets is also a must. You will also have a solid understanding of the concepts, terminology and lifecycle of the contracts. Please apply if you have these skills as well as a strong IT background. This entails business analyst and developer skills to provide the structure and analytical experience.

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