Credit Analyst/Bilateral Credit

Credit Analyst/Bilateral Credit

As a Credit Analyst you will be responsible for:

* Scouting for new business proposals
* Liaising with Banks and FLS and meeting potential clients for new business
* Responsible for the preparation of credit proposals.
* Presenting credit proposals to various credit committees, including preparation and approval of Credit Monitoring Arrangements (CMA) and Credit Risk Assessments (CRA)
* Responsible for credit analysis for bilateral credit transaction.
* Analysis of companies’ balance sheets and discussing types and adequacy of securities to be provided for facilities.
* Responsible for preparing all pertinent documents and correspondence regarding the approval of facilities.
* Required to maintain constant contact with credit administration team regarding operations of individual accounts.
* Rescheduling/restructuring and write-off of accounts in case off need.
* Responsible for pertinent documentation until execution stage, arranging for signing of documents, arranging periodic review and renewal of facilities.

As a successful candidate you will need to require:

* Must have experience in presenting credit proposal
* Must have experience in all the above responsibilities
* Must be conversant with credit processes.
* Possess an eye for detail.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills
* Critical attention to detail
* Excellent analytical skills, questioning and discerning.

Please contact me ASAP on 02038460802 or [email protected] if you are interested in discussing this excellent opportunity.

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