Leaving Your Job Before Securing Another

Leaving Your Job Before Securing Another

The disadvantages of quitting your current job before landing another

When looking for a new role, your first instinct may be to quit your existing role. It can certainly be exacting doing a full-time role and engaging in full-on job searching, and you may also be concerned about how you can fit interviews in around your existing job.

However, before you leave your current role without another job to go to, you need to think very carefully about whether that is the right thing to do.

You could be out of work for an indefinite period. You may think you have some money to tide you over for a short period out of work, but there can never be a guarantee that you will find a new role in one month’s time, three months, six months … Even if the employment market looks rosy when you resign, you could find that just weeks later the economic climate has changed, or some event has occurred in your business sector that means companies start cutting back on recruitment.

You may not get benefits if you resign. Leaving a job voluntarily could affect your eligibility for some out-of-work benefits, and some unemployment insurance policies may not pay out in these circumstances.

How will you answer the ‘Why did you leave’ question? Interview candidates are frequently asked why they left their previous role, so you may struggle to come up with a convincing answer to this. The company may end up with doubts over your commitment.

Employers prefer people who are currently working. Many employers will instinctively favour candidates who are currently employed in another role. If you are out of work, some companies may worry that you are not keeping up to date with developments in your business sector, that you are not getting experience of the latest practices in the sector, or that you may struggle to adapt to working full-time again.

Your bargaining power is reduced. If you have no job and no income, you could end up having to settle for a lower grade job than the one you ideally want. In addition, it will be harder to negotiate for a high salary when an offer does arrive.

You could end up lonely and isolated. Ask yourself if you could cope without seeing people during the day, as if you quit your job that is what is likely to happen – your friends will most likely be at work.

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