LinkedIn – The Importance of Getting Your Profile Right

LinkedIn – The Importance of Getting Your Profile Right

Importance of Getting LinkedIn Profile Right

In years gone by, job applicants might typically scan through a local newspaper or trade publication, and apply for the roles they were interested in. Now the internet and social media is often the best way of securing a new role. It may not now be necessary for you to apply for a role – a recruiter may notice your details on the internet and contact you about roles which may be of interest.

LinkedIn is the best known professional networking site, and all jobseekers are advised to make use of this site.

LinkedIn profile

This is a great chance for jobseekers to communicate what they can offer to employers. A LinkedIn profile should start with a personal summary which demonstrates exactly what you can offer – get your key selling points into this section: your greatest achievements, your range of skills and experience, why you are seeking a role in your chosen field.

Your profile then allows you to go into more detail about exactly what you have done in each individual role.

At the end of your profile you can then list all the skills you have demonstrated in your career to date. The site allows you to choose from a very large list – Leadership, Analysis, Training and Business Analysis are just a few of the available options.

LinkedIn references

LinkedIn also allows you to obtain informal references from past employers. You can send invitations to anyone who worked with you in a previous role (this need not be your boss) and ask them to confirm that you possess a certain skill, or simply ask them to give you a general recommendation.


You will only be able to ask for the informal references mentioned above if you have a network of connections. Inviting a current work colleague to connect with you can be dangerous if it lets them know you are seeking to move on, so the best connections are either those you worked with in previous roles, or those who worked with you at your current employer but have now themselves moved on.

Job search

LinkedIn also allows you to search for appropriate roles. By going to the Jobs tab and entering your location, a range of vacancies appear. You can also sign up to have details of suitable jobs emailed to you.

Publish on LinkedIn

The site also allows you to publish examples of your previous work, thus allowing you to provide concrete examples of what you have done, rather than just describing your experience in the way you might on a CV.

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