How to make realistic new year’s resolutions

How to make realistic new year’s resolutions

How to make realistic New Year’s resolutions and actually see them through

Many of us make new year resolutions, and given that we spend a lot of our time at work, it makes sense to make resolutions regarding what we want to achieve in our jobs as well. In this article we look at some resolutions you could consider making, and how you might achieve your goals.

Getting a new job with a different company. If you’ve decided you want to move on in 2017, then brush up your CV, practise answering common interview questions and consider if you need to buy any new interview clothes.

Progressing internally. Your ambition might be to continue your career progression with your present employer, whether this means securing a salary increase, making a sideways move into a different role or securing a promotion. Start by thinking about what your major work-based achievements have been in the last year – you will certainly want to mention these in an internal job interview, in a formal performance review interview or maybe just in your next one-to-one with your boss. Think about ways you can demonstrate your ambition, such as: studying for additional professional qualifications, undertaking further training and development, volunteering for special projects and staying to complete the task in hand at the end of the day rather than leaving on the dot of five o’clock.

Improving your work/life balance. You might feel that your personal and family life has suffered during the past year as you have devoted too much time to your job. To improve your work/life balance, consider: learning to say No occasionally and not taking on every task you are asked to perform, asking your boss if any colleagues can assist with your workload, not replying to every electronic message instantly, and making a request for flexible working.

Improving your relationship with colleagues. Unless we have directly recruited them, we have no control over who our co-workers are. Therefore, it makes sense to try very hard to get on with them. Ask your boss what his/her expectations of you are. Think carefully about the personalities of your colleagues and what communication styles they will respond to.

Becoming more organised. Consider keeping a diary of your engagements, making a to-do list for each day (preferably before you leave the previous evening) and keeping your desk clean and tidy.

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