Making a Good Impression over the Phone

Making a Good Impression over the Phone

You polish your CV to perfection, you send in your application, you catch a potential employer’s attention and you earn yourself a schedule for a phone interview. You beam with excitement after reading the e-mail, but then you start to feel anxious when you stop and think to yourself, ‘How will I ever make a good impression through the phone?’

Here are five tips that will help you ace your phone interview with a recruitment agency:

  1. Do Prior Research

Always keep yourself informed about the companies you apply to. Interviewers appreciate a well-researched applicant because this shows their sincere interest in being part of the team. Read up on their products, their clients, their missions and visions, and even their CEOs.

  1. Prepare a Cheat Sheet

Now that you have done your research, write down important information on a piece of paper that you will have with you during your phone interview. Write down key details from your CV because they will definitely ask you about your previous work experience and your skills.

  1. Build Rapport and Ask Important Questions

Gauge the personality of the interviewer and pattern your level of enthusiasm with theirs. Crack a little joke at least once during the entire interview – this gives them the idea that they can be at ease with you. Also, ask them questions that you think might move your application forward.

  1. Be Honest

Never lie in interviews. When they ask you about your strengths and weaknesses, make sure to state them correctly. Do not worry about telling them you do not know things – interviewers commend humility and would gladly supply you information if you need it.

  1. Show Gratitude

Once your interviewer has finished, do not forget to thank them for their time. This leaves a good impression on interviewers and just shows how genuinely grateful you are that they considered your application.

Competition is tight these days and you want an interviewer to remember you. Whether it’s a phone interview or a live one, be your best self.

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