Manager’s Tips: 3 ways to motivate your Employees

Manager’s Tips: 3 ways to motivate your Employees

Previously we tweeted Richard Branson’s Q&A session where he revealed how to train your employees and keep them motivated. And that got us thinking that it would be really good if there were a list of tips for motivating staff; which after all is vital for a progressing company. So KennedyPearce went away and did some research, we asked some members of staff and we have come up with this list.

Provide and Encourage Training

This is a point that Branson stressed in his interview. It’s important to encourage your employee’s desire to learn as this will not only improve their motivation to advance but also their work quality.

Richard Branson says: “If your best people aren’t growing in their careers as your business gains traction and expands, they will quickly lose enthusiasm for their work”

Why not set aside some budget so your employees can attend events and conferences? Not only are they are a great way to network but they can also provide a great source of the latest information for your industry.

Also if your employees need help with their technical skills, you’ll need to make up for your small budget by being smart about your training plans. Constantly improving and acquiring information technology skills is essential in many industries. Could your employees do with a refresher in Excel? Providing skills not only improves your employee and their moral, but also means they will be a better worker for you.

Once you have created this culture of opportunity, your people will see that there is scope for them to move up within the company. They will then be more likely to strive to master their current positions so that they can be considered for promotion and further development.



Despite the recent shock in March when Yahoo! Announced to all its employees they would all have to work in Yahoo’s offices, study actually show that flexible work hours and working from home boast employee morale.

Your flexibility options could include employees working more hours on certain days and fewer on others, in fixed or variable schedules. Or working from home a number of days a week – this could be particularly helpful to members of staff who have a long or arduous commute.

Whatever you decide make sure you programs are structured to meet business objectives while recognising individual needs.

To read more about the pros and cons of working from home and the measures you should take, check out our previous blog post on Teleworking in the light of yahoos controversial decision.  


Open Door for Ideas

It’s often your employees who see flaws in your business or the environment you work in. A lot of the time people will notice problems and not mention them, afraid to offend. But in many cases the problems they see could be easy to fix. For example could laptop rests provide relief from neck aches suffered by your employees. Or is there a flaw in your website navigation that an employee has noticed?

These little things all add up to making your employees’ job more comfortable. Why not have an anonymous suggestion box, or arrange a bi-monthly social meeting where employees can talk comfortably to you about any ideas.

Open doors


If you have any other ideas please leave a comment below.


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