4 habits to becoming more of a morning person

4 habits to becoming more of a morning person

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Or perhaps you’re a little resentful to all those ‘morning people’ who seem so chipper when it’s still dark outside?

If you feel like you’re not getting the most of your mornings because you’re too tired then you need to change your habits. KennedyPearce have put together 4 steps that can help you. Now we’re not saying these tips will turn you into an early bird, but they can definitely help you feel more energised, prepared and ready to tackle the day.

1. List the reasons why you want to get up earlier

Instead of hitting that snooze button, keep yourself awake and list the things you want to get done that day. Focus more of the things you want to do rather than have to do. Does getting up earlier mean you get home earlier? Or does it mean you can enjoy breakfast, an easier commute or time to reflect? Think about the positives of that extra slice of time in the day and get up!

2. Get enough sleep

It sounds like a simple enough task doesn’t it? In the morning you’re aching to get back into your cloud of a bed but come the evening you’re alert, buzzing and fail to make it to bed at a reasonable time. This is a viscous circle and one to avoid. Studies show that light and electricity keep us awake. An hour before you want to head to bed turn off all devices – laptops, TVs, tablets. Turn down all lights. Give your body and mind a chance to relax and you’ll find it easier to drift off.

3. Change your diet

breakfastSleep is your chance for your body to recover and rest and what you put into your body affects how well your body can do that. Make sure you cut out caffeine 4-6 hours before bed. That includes coffee, teas, chocolate and even decaf coffee! During the day make sure you get your RDA of protein – 56 grams a day for men, 46 grams for women. Protein is vital for rest and repair but make sure you eat it in the day when it’s easier for your body to digest.  In the morning make sure you give yourself a breakfast of champions, think fibers, fruits and proteins to get you up and raring to go. There’s a reason why it is called the most important meal of the day!

4. Exercise early

Now doing exercise first thing in the morning may feel like the last thing you want to do! But trust us when we say how good for you exercising at this time is for your body and your mind. Exercise increases your blood flow and body temperature to get the mind working! You’ll find you’re more alert through the day and also your metabolism is kick started! Studies also show that exercising at 7am leads to a 25% drop in blood pressure throughout the day giving you a better night’s sleep. Make it easier for yourself by getting all your gym stuff ready the night before so you have no excuses!

These steps may prove challenging at first but stick with them and turn them into habit. Once you have a routine going you will start to find them much easier. What helps you get up in the morning? Tweet us at @Kennedypearce to let us know.

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