Music to Increase Productivity

Music to Increase Productivity

The best music to listen to at work to increase productivity

Some of us want it to be as quiet as possible when we are working. Others will do their work to music whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

Many companies don’t allow music to be played in the office, but when it is permitted, it can actually help you concentrate if the music stops you from having to listen to the general hubbub of office conversation and telephone calls. If you work from home, then of course you can listen to any music you like whilst working.

So, what music should you listen to when working? Here are some results of scientific studies:

  • Birmingham University research claims that listening to any form of music could improve productivity when completing a repetitive, boring and simple task, such as stuffing envelopes or inputting data. Applied Ergonomics found that listening to music makes mundane tasks more enjoyable
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the United States says that listening to background music that includes sounds of nature, such as running water, can boost concentration
  • Cambridge Sound Management recommends listening to music without lyrics to improve concentration
  • Several US academic studies have found improvements in productivity when listening to baroque classical music. Well known composers of baroque music include Bach, Vivaldi and Handel
  • Mindlab International’s study suggests classical music for anything requiring attention to detail, pop music when working towards a deadline and dance music when engaged in problem solving
  • Ambient music has been suggested as being a good soundtrack for creative tasks
  • If you need to focus on a task, a piece you are familiar with may be less distracting than any music you haven’t heard before
  • A joint study by three US and Canadian universities recommends playing any music you listen to while working at medium volume, rather than having it too quiet or loud

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