What Non-Accounting Skills do you need to become an Accountant?

What Non-Accounting Skills do you need to become an Accountant?

In today’s competitive job market finding employment can be a real struggle. There are so many people out there doing the job search that it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  These days, if you’re looking for accounting jobs, it’s not enough to just have the accounting skills, you need some other skills too. So here are the KennedyPearce top five non-accounting skills that could make you stand out to potential employers.

General business knowledge – It is important for accountants to understand their role inside the company, it’s not enough for them to just understand the financial services side of their work. Employers will be looking for accountants who can actively participate in the business of the company, who can comment on strategy and work with other departments to further company objectives, so it’s important that you understand what goes on in the company at large because this will help you stand out in the interview.

An understanding of IT – An accountant needs to understand computers for two reasons. One is that accountants have to understand the security procedures in order to keep the financial data they have access to secure. The other reason is that companies are constantly adapting, and with the use of cloud computing and the like, accountants have to be able to integrate into those technological systems.

Communication skills – Again, there are two reasons for this. The first is obviously the ability to communicate with clients, to listen to what they want. The second reason is so that accountants can work effectively with other departments, and with colleagues who might not be familiar with accounting principles or language. It is vital that an accountant can explain to those colleagues the work that they are doing so that the company can run smoothly.

Leadership abilities – If you are hired for a financial services job, it does not necessarily hold that you will be working in an accounting role for the rest of your career. Managers will be looking for employees with leadership potential who might be able to step into more senior roles down the line. Demonstrating your capacity to take charge of the situation and encourage those around you might make potential employers think of a long-term relationship between you and that company.

Customer-service orientation – This might seem like it is very far removed from an accountant’s role, but hiring managers will be looking for employees who will be willing to step up and lend a hand, and employees who can produce timely, quality work, which is why it is important that an account have a customer-focused outlook.


But don’t worry too much if you find yourself lacking in one area or another, now you just know what you need to work on. And here at KennedyPearce we can help you develop your potential to find the perfect job, whether you’re looking at entry level, accounting jobs or finance jobs more generally.

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