Optimising your Twitter Account for Employment

Optimising your Twitter Account for Employment

When it comes to potential employment it’s no longer just your CV that matters; having an optimised and well established Twitter account can help showcase you to potential employers as well as help you to learn who you want to work for, and what they stand for. With this in mind it’s important to turn your Twitter account into something that helps you stand out from the crowd and showcases you to your full.

Be professional and passionateWith nearly 90% of all potential employers now checking social media profiles of prospective employees it is important that your Twitter account and social presence is professional, shows what you’re passionate about and why you would make a great employee. Remember if your account is public; stay professional. 

Follow influencersTwitter isn’t just about old school friends and celebrities, take some time to find and follow interesting and influential people in the industry. Companies like the Financial times and Wall Street Journal have their own accounts and regularly update with important updates and articles; not only will this make you look like you know your stuff, it will keep you up to date and relevant and show that you have a passion for the industry and what’s happening within it.

Optimise your biography – Just like your CV or a cover letter, your Twitter biography gives potential employers a brief but important insight to who you are. Treat this short snippet as an elevator pitch and sum up key points about yourself and keywords that might attract employers to your profile. Make it clear who you are, what you stand for and what you’re interested in; all in a professional tone.

Engage and share– Now that you’ve optimised your profile it’s time to get out there and be seen. Like all social networks engagement and interaction is key. Be sure to share important news and updates with your followers. Search for keywords to find content and articles about the things that matter to you and @ mention  anyone in the industry that you think might be interested. Take part in discussions and really show that you have your own  opinions and thoughts behind the most important topics in the industry.

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Featured Image taken from The Telegraph.


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