Outlook for Finance

Outlook for Finance

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) project the UK’s growth to drag to about 1.2% in 2017. But the economic projection is still better than expected, in spite of Brexit gloom. And while employment is forecast to dip to 1.2%, Brits should not experience a recession next year, according to PwC.

Outlook for the Finance Industry

It appears the UK will survive, even continue to thrive. Along with this rather favourable outlook, in the wake of economic uncertainty, is your opportunity to gain footing in the finance industry.

Employment portal, Glassdoor listed the position of finance manager as the second best job to apply for this year. Companies, however, are looking to also hire certified accountants, investment bankers, wealth managers, venture capitalists and other professionals. The demand, therefore, exists.

But where should you go for opportunities in the finance sector?

London still leads the pack as the world’s most important location for financiers, according to the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI). PwC also still identifies the capital as the fastest growing region. But do not confine yourself to London. There are other locations in the UK that require finance recruitment.

Consider the following districts:


The Yorkshire city plays a crucial role in the insurance sector. You may find jobs in banking, accountancy and stockbroking.


It is the North’s capital for banking, insurance, wealth management and accountancy, among others. But you can also explore job opportunities in Liverpool and Chester, which (together with Manchester) comprise the West Midlands and Northwest finance sector.


Scotland not only has a strong presence in the insurance industry, but it is also a substantial force in asset servicing. Look for opportunities in the banking and financial services.

Other districts to explore are Wales, for asset finance and insurance, and Northern Ireland, for financial technology.

Economic prospects for the UK are positive, in spite of Brexit. Whether you decide to apply in London or consider employment in other parts of the UK, know that you will have good options. With our help, you further gain access to better opportunities. Email or call us today.

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