What personality traits do you need to be a great Manager?

What personality traits do you need to be a great Manager?

Do you have the potential to be a Manager? Or are you currently looking for the perfect manager for your employees?

Being a great manager is more than having an impressive C.V, work experience or having the ‘right’ connection. Personality and characteristic traits are also important factors. Being in charge of a group of people involves more than just ‘being a good leader’ or ‘getting on well with others.’ If a member of staff is having problems or is unhappy in their work situation the fault can often come down to poor management. What’s more is that these traits aren’t just natural, in born personality traits. It is possible to develop these qualities. But first you need to be aware of them. In this post, KennedyPearce discuses 6 personality traits that make a great manager.


hand shake1. Confidence – Confidence without seeming cocky is the key here. As a manager you want to install confidence in your superiors and your team. You need to be confident in your skills and your decisions. It’s ok to have doubt, this helps you put things into perspective, but when crunch time comes you need to make decisions and have confidence in them. Having confidence can grow with experience and knowledge. The more experience you have and the more skills you learn the more confident you will be in your own decision making.

2. Dependability – You need to be someone your subordinates and your superior can count on. If your own work is failing or you are missing your own deadlines how can you expect anyone else to respect you and keep to their own targets? You want to be the person that cares,  who gives the extra push to get the job done well. This will inspire others as well as earn you respect.

3. Optimism – It is important to think to the future and have a positive attitude towards staff and work. Not only will this help drive and inspire your staff it will also make working under you a more positive environment. Be optimistic about another employee’s work, show you have faith in their ability and encourage them.

4.Calmness – When the pressure is on are you going to crack? As a manager with so many people looking up to you it’s important to not get stressed and break down when the going gets tough. The ability to remain calm and do what needs to be done is essential in a good manager. If stress is a major factor in your work, check out our previous blog post on: How do you handle work place stress?

Mobile App Assistant5.Organisation – Managerial positions can really test a person’s organisation skills. It’s vital to keep on top of all projects, employees, deadlines and targets. Everyone has their own method of organising from Excel Spreadsheets to Mobile Apps. Know what works best for you.


6. Communication Skills – A manager needs to be able to communicate with a range of people from superiors, subordinates, clients and customers. This is why strong written communication skills with good grammar are required when writing memos, emails and formal business letters and proposals. Solid verbal communication skills are essential when conducting meetings, expressing ideas and conference calls. You need to be able to build good relationships with customers and staff if you want to be a great manager so good communication skills are imperative.

Do you have these traits? If so then you are well on your well to becoming a great manager. To speak to a member of our team about current managerial  and other job vacancies contact us here.

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