Prepare for your first day in a new job

Prepare for your first day in a new job

Things you should do before your first day in a new job to prepare

Congratulations, you have a new job! But before your first day, make sure you are prepared.

Practise the commute. Ensure you know exactly where the office is, and how to get there from the car park / railway station / bus stop. Work out how long the commute will take in rush hour – if your interview took place in the middle of the day for example then you may need to allow longer for your journey.

Make some enquiries about the company. You could for example email your new boss and ask if there is any prepatory work you can carry out. If you know anyone in your new company from a previous role, then contact them and try and get an inside track on the culture and the personalities of the people you’ll be working with.

Try to find out the company’s dress code. If in doubt, dress more smartly than you think you might need to, as turning up looking scruffier than everyone else will not be a good start. If you find you are too smart, then you can change your work outfit accordingly for your second day. Consider also if you need to buy more clothes to wear at work – this may be necessary if your new company operates a more formal dress code than your last employer.

Think about what you need to take with you. Do you for example like to have sweets or snacks stored in your desk? Do you need to take painkillers or other medication? It’s best to pack your bag / briefcase the night before so you’re not rushing around collecting your belongings in the morning.

Think about your first day lunch. You may know for certain there is a canteen, or a local café or sandwich shop. However, if you are unsure as to whether there will be anywhere to buy lunch, either ask the company in advance, or bring your own packed lunch on the first day.

Know what to say when you arrive at reception. It may be enough simply to say to the receptionist that you are starting work that day, or else you may need to give the name of your boss or an HR representative. Also check and double check the time you are expected to arrive on your first day, which may not be the same as the start time of a normal working day.

Think of any questions you might need to ask. A new job almost always involves some form of induction programme, whether formal or informal. Think about whether there is anything you need to ask during the induction about the company, the role, the company culture, who you will be working with etc.

Ensure you are fit and refreshed ahead of your first day. If you start work on a Monday, you might for example consider having a quiet weekend, rather than having a big Saturday night out and hoping one day’s recovery on Sunday will be sufficient. Ensure you have a proper breakfast before setting out for your first day.

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