Promoting Your Company

Promoting Your Company

Promoting your company in the media

Besides traditional advertising via print and/or broadcast media, there are a number of ways you can promote your company:

Press releases. It may be possible to advertise your company for free via a press release. Remember that newspapers and magazines report news items, and that therefore a press release which consists of little more than a description of your product/service offering is unlikely to be published. Your press release needs to contain some form of news about your company, for example:

  • Excellent financial results
  • Securing a major new client or new contract – ensure the client gives their permission for this first
  • Re-location plans
  • Expansion plans
  • New investment or funding
  • A new product/service launch – the more innovative the better
  • Key staff appointments – via internal promotions or external recruitment
  • Awards for your company or your staff
  • One of your staff speaking at an industry conference
  • A company anniversary
  • Results of market research or surveys your company has commissioned
  • Involvement in community or charitable projects

When writing your press release, consider the following:

  • Ensure it clearly and concisely conveys the news you are announcing, and why this should make people want to do business with you. A press release should not exceed two pages. The length of the release is a difficult balancing act – it needs to be long enough to include the key points, but the shorter it is, the more chance there is of it getting published
  • Use quotes from a key person within your company, to convey how excited you are about the news being announced
  • Conclude the press release with an ‘About your company’ section, which should summarise your products/services and provide your company contact details, the contact details of at least one named individual who can handle press enquiries, and your website address
  • Is it appropriate to include pictures? If so, ensure these are of a sufficiently high definition to be published
  • Write in the third person – do not use ‘we’ when talking about your company
  • Ensure the email on which you send your press release has a subject line that summarises the news being announced. Editors receive many messages with ‘press release’ as the subject, with little clue as to the subject matter or the sender

Before you distribute your press release, decide who to send it to, whether this is national media, local media, trade media or a combination of these. Make a phone call to the publication to find out who to send it to and the best email address to contact them on.

Establish a reputation as an expert. Once you have established a media presence, it may be possible for you to build a reputation as an expert in your field. You may then find that the media, especially trade media, see you as their ‘go to person’ whenever they want an expert comment on a particular industry development. When they then publish your comments, it will usually be accompanied by your name, the name of your company and your position in the company – more free advertising.

The internet and social media. Remember also that the term ‘media’ includes the internet, as well as traditional outlets such as TV, radio and print media. Have you thought about writing a blog about your industry? Consider also whether you can make company announcements via social media – see the Press Release section above for things you might want to announce. Remember however that the internet is a broadcasting medium just as much as TV or radio is. So, if there is something you would feel uncomfortable about saying were you lucky enough to appear on TV, then don’t say it over the internet or social media either.

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