Should You Return to Your Old Company

Should You Return to Your Old Company

Should You Return to Your Old Company

Should you go back to work for your old company?

It is far from unheard of for someone to leave a particular company, only to return to the same employer later in their career. You may know of people this applies to – have you ever said goodbye to a colleague only to see them come back?

So, if you are given the opportunity to return to work for a previous employer, should you take the opportunity?

Perhaps one of the key considerations here is the principal reasons why you left in the first place. Ask yourself if anything is likely to have changed at the company in the meantime.

If you left due to redundancy, then you should have few worries about returning. Redundancy is not a reflection on your personal qualities – it simply indicates that your role became redundant. The fact that the company is now prepared to offer you a new role means that they value your skills and experience, and expect to be able to provide employment for you over the longer term.

If you left due to a lack of opportunities to progress, or because you thought you were underpaid, then perhaps you should also be less concerned about returning. If the new role on offer is one you want to do, and the salary is at a level you are happy with, then maybe you should grab the opportunity with both hands!

Much more careful thought is required if you left because of a poor working relationship with one or more colleagues. Are those individuals still in the same roles? Will you need to work closely with them on your return? If the answer is Yes, you need to think very carefully about whether you would be happy in the role.

If you left because you disliked something about the company’s culture, then you really need to think very carefully indeed before accepting an offer to return. A company’s general culture and atmosphere is not something that usually changes just because one or more people have moved on. In these circumstances, you should try to speak with former colleagues who are still at the company, and ask them if anything has changed significantly in this respect.

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