Rubbish Day at the Office? Here’s What to Do

Rubbish Day at the Office? Here’s What to Do

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How to get through a difficult day at the office

Turning up at work is not something we have a choice over, and inevitably there will be days when we feel like going in, and days when we don’t. Likewise, a working day may have started in good spirits but can go downhill, and we can find ourselves wishing the day would end as quickly as possible.

The following are all ways you may be able to cope on a difficult day at work:

  • If possible, switch to other tasks. If it’s one particular task that is getting you down, consider if it needs to be done that day, and if you might have time to complete the task at another time
  • Think about something you’re really looking forward to in the near future, whether this is a work event, a family experience or a social event. Alternatively think about some pleasant experiences from the recent past
  • Carry out some simple stress relieving exercises and routines – various websites can point you in the right direction here
  • Take all the breaks you are contractually entitled to on that particular day, even if you do not usually do so. Try going for a walk or getting some other exercise on your lunch break or other break. Perhaps also call a loved one during your break for support
  • Make sure you eat properly on that day – don’t try and survive on caffeine, nicotine or sweets
  • If you’re allowed to listen to music at work, find a song you really like. If not, sing the song to yourself in your head
  • Let colleagues know you’re not feeling so great, so they’ll hopefully understand if you get a bit short with them
  • Ask for help from your boss or colleagues if you’re struggling with a task
  • Share a joke with your colleagues

Tomorrow is a new day!

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