Seven signs it’s time to start hiring!

Seven signs it’s time to start hiring!

Managing a company in this economic climate is a challenge; you’re constantly expected to do more with less, and to take responsibility for the wellbeing of not just the company, but its employees too. But you can push your employees too far, and if your employees are coming to work every day feeling stressed and overworked, then it’s only a matter of time before they might decide to seek employment elsewhere. So how do you know when it’s time to start hiring? Here are the top seven signs from KennedyPearce.

1)     You’re putting off growth – Maybe you have the budget to take on new clients, but your staff couldn’t handle the increased workload, so you’re delaying it. Or maybe you’ve taken on the new project anyway, but instead of feeling excited you, and your employees, are starting to worry about how you’re going to get it all done.

2)     Reliable employees are struggling – It’s not just one or two missing deadlines, but now your best employees are falling behind and there are breakdowns in communication about delivery dates.

3)     Overtime, all the time – Overtime is no longer just an occasional thing around the due date for a major project, now it’s become the norm, and both you and your employees are taking more work home with you than ever.

4)     You’re taking on multiple roles – As a manager, it’s your job to supervise, and maybe pitch in every now and again if it’s something that you’re particularly good at, but you find yourself taking on more and more subordinate-level duties to help the team cope with the workload.

5)     Increased absenteeism – If you find that your staff are taking more sick days than they used to, or are showing up late to work, it might be more than just being tired. Increased stress for sustained periods can have an impact on health, and could mean that your team is suffering from burnout.

6)     Increased errors in their work – Maybe you’ve noticed more mistakes slipping through the net, and overall, the quality of your output has declined. If you press your employees about it and they say that they just don’t have time to check back over the work before moving on to the next project, it might be time to think about hiring additional staff.

7)     Client complaints on the rise – If the performance of your employees is slipping, then your clients have probably noticed. If you’re getting negative feedback from customers, or complaints of delays in response to their e-mails and phone calls, it might be because your staff simply doesn’t have the time.

If you’ve come to the end of this list and realised that it’s time to start hiring, KennedyPearce can help. We have years of experience in the financial recruitment business, helping employers find staff for a wide range of employment, from admin jobs to accounting jobs, so start your search for the right employee by submitting a vacancy here.



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