Is Facebook Ruining Your Career Prospects?

Is Facebook Ruining Your Career Prospects?


We’ve spoken about the importance of your online presence when applying for jobs before. Check out our previous blog post on Optimising your Twitter. In this post we are discussing Facebook. Unlike Twitter or Linkedin which are used more professionally as they are both great for networking and sharing relevant industry news stories, Facebook tends to be a more personal social media channel, one you may want to keep away from potential employer’s eyes.

It’s up to you how you use your social channels, but if they are just for personal use, then you need to be one step ahead and consider limiting their viewing restrictions. Facebook is constantly changing the way users search their networks for example Facebook’s new graph search. To ensure a photo or ranting status update doesn’t ruin your career prospects, KennedyPearce have put together a list of social media pointers for you to follow:

Step 1: Ensure basic privacy settings are active:

With Facebook in the ‘Privacy Settings and Tools’ make sure the audience for everything is set to ‘friends’. That way only people you have accepted as friends will see your profile.

Now you want to make is harder for people to find you on Facebook. By default Facebook allows everyone to find you through searching with your mobile number or email address but you can edit this to ‘Friends’. Next you want to stop your Facebook profile appearing up in Google search results which can happen if someone Googles your name. Ensure this setting is set to ‘no’.



Step 2: Filter visible content with Lists. 

The first step is great for preventing people from finding you, but what about when you start work and your colleagues or boss want to add you on Facebook. To decline would seem rude but at the same time you don’t want to share the wealth of information that’s available to them on Facebook. This is where Facebook Lists come in.

Create a ‘Colleague’ list on Facebook and add all your co workers.

How do I add or remove friends from a list?

To add friends to a custom list:

  1. In the left menu of your home page, scroll down to the Friends section
  2. Click More, then click the name of the list you want to edit
  3. In the top right, enter names of friends you want to add in the Add friends to this list box.

To remove someone you’re friends with from a list:

  1. From your list, click See All in the top right
  2. Hover over the person you want to remove and then click x
  3. Click Finish

Then in the Privacy Settings decide what content of yours you want to hide from them. Instead of ‘Friends’ click ‘Custom’ and add your list(s).



Step 3: Preview Tagged Content

Now you have filtered the content that you post you need to filter what your friends post. After all do you really want your co workers to see you friend’s photos of you partying last weekend? Or do you really want them to see your location has been tagged at your local pub on a Thursday night? To edit these setting you need to go to PRIVACY – TIMELINE AND TAGGING

Now make sure that ‘Review posts that friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline?’ is switched ‘on’. Now whenever a friend tags you in a post, status or location you can preview it first and decide if you want it to go on your wall.

You can also alter who sees your tagged photos and who sees what other people write on your wall. Make sure you take advantage of the timeline and tagging privacy settings.

Step 4: Think before you Speak

This one is more common sense than anything! If you have colleagues following you in Facebook then you don’t want to say anything detrimental or critical of your workplace. Before you type that ranty status update about your hard day at work think what would your boss say? If you put anything out there remember you can’t take it back. Bear in mind that if you include the name of the company you work for in your profile information, anything you say could potentially be associated with the company.

Follow these 4 steps to ensure that your Facebook page isn’t sabotaging your career prospects.

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