Stay Calm When Job Hunting

Stay Calm When Job Hunting

How to stay calm if you’re job hunting in January, amidst the crazy recruitment drive

January can be a very busy month in the world of recruitment, as people make New Year resolutions to find new jobs. Searching for a job as well as continuing to work full-time in your existing role can be demanding, so here we consider strategies you can use to avoid becoming totally frazzled.

Start taking your full lunch break. Many employees rarely or never take the length of lunch break to which they are contractually entitled. However, if you are looking for a new role, you can use your lunch break for any phone calls you need to make related to your job search, as of course many of these will need to be made during the normal working day. You could also use the time to search newspapers, magazines and the internet for vacancies. If there’s nothing you can do on a particular day to advance your job search, use your lunch break to get some exercise, perhaps by going for a walk or visiting the gym. Taking your full lunch break when you haven’t previously may not earn you any brownie points with your current employer, but if you want to leave the company, then going the extra mile to impress them is unlikely to be your biggest concern.

Book some time off. Even if you’re not searching for a new role, working a full five-day week all the way from New Year to Easter (a time of the year without any public holidays) can be tough. Consider booking the odd full day or half day’s leave to give you something to look forward to. These ‘holidays’ can also be used for attending interviews.

Practise some relaxation techniques. The internet can point you in the direction of some simple techniques.

Mark time for activities you enjoy. Set aside one day a week in which you don’t do any job hunting activity, and where you instead use your lunch break and the time after work for social events, hobbies, time with friends and family or anything else you really enjoy.

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