Stepping Back on the Career Ladder after a Break

Stepping Back on the Career Ladder after a Break

It is not uncommon for people to take time out from their careers, whether that be for personal reasons, to spend some time with or start a family or even just to take the time out to see some of this big world of ours. But how do you explain the gap in you C.V employment history? Many people can struggle trying to convince employers they are a potential candidate when they have ‘stepped down off the career ladder’ for a large amount of time.

Here are KennedyPearce’s top tips for easing the transition and stepping back on the career ladder:

1. Know Your Industry

twitterA lot can change during your break, so it’s important that you are up to scratch on any of the latest developments and changes in your industry. An easy way to keep up to date whilst you are off from work is to ensure you are regularly checking news updates from related websites or Twitter channels. Following the right people on Twitter can be an easy way to stay in the loop.

You also need to know if there are any further skills required for the career you want to pursue. To ensure the best chance of success, start by researching your preferred jobs and industries to familiarise yourself with what your ideal job requires. Examine ‘job specifications’ and ‘preferred skills.’ In some cases, it might be worth considering upskilling or training.


2. Acknowledge and use it to you advantage

note takingThis next tip is all about acknowledging your step down from the career ladder. Don’t pretend it didn’t happen; leaving unexplained gaps in your resume can have the recruiter questioning your entire application. Be up front in your application and put why you took time out – you don’t need to go into great detail, just include the dates and a brief description. Examples could include: International Travel, Family Carer, Professional Development, Personal Development or Parental Leave.

Now everything is out in the open it’s time to sell yourself and explain what you have been doing in this time, sell yourself with examples that will enhance your application. Such as getting involved in projects, freelance work and freelance consulting, joining a professional association that relates to your industry, undertaking training in new technologies or attending industry seminars, meetings or workshops.

Even if in that time out you haven’t directly been involved in your industry you can still reflect on your career break to see what new skills you have developed that can support your resume. Maybe you have some volunteer activities, contributed to a committee or even gained some perspective on your industry from travelling! What we are saying is acknowledge your break, reflect on the positives and use it your advantage!

3. Prepare to work for it!

job-interviewGetting back into the industry you left for a long time isn’t easy. If you’re deciding to get back into your career then you have to be ready to commit to it. Networking, making connections, updating your CV, your LinkedIn profile, researching updates and job specifications and getting prepared for your interviews are all steps that will help you get back onto your career ladder. Remember that it is okay to take a career break, you don’t need to apologise or hide it – turn it into a positive and use it to your advantage!

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