How to Survive the Office Christmas Party

How to Survive the Office Christmas Party

It’s that festive time of year again where Social gatherings and get togethers are in full swing! We’re counting down the days to the big day! But you know what comes before Christmas day? The office party! For this blog post, KennedyPearce thought we’d have a bit of festive fun. So to prepare you for the office party and with the help of Reflect Digital, we’re giving you our top tips for surviving the office party. Are you ready?

1) Talk, but don’t talk about work

The office party is a time to let lose a bit and socialise with your co workers and get to know them better. Leave your professional baggage at the door, don’t bore you co workers with office talk. Show you really do have a personality buried somewhere beneath that power suit. Try to mingle and chat with everyone, including partners and spouses. This is most definitely not the time to ask your boss for that promotion or pay rise. Such discussions are for office hours only.

2) Don’t get too Merry

By all means have a few drinks to help relax you and get you into the party spirit but don’t go overboard on the temptations of an open bar and then live to regret it later on! You don’t want to say something or do something you’ll live to regret. Pace your drinking and make sure you eat something beforehand or during the party so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach. Alternating your drinks is also a good idea, switch between alcoholic drinks with water, juice or soft drinks. As tempting as it may be and as easy as it is to do, getting drunk could cost you your credibility, reputation and, in the most extreme cases, your career.

3) Dress Appropriately and Have fun!

Even though this is a social affair, you have to find the balance of work/social an bear this in mind with regard to your actions and dresscode. Allow yourself to let your hair down, talk about something other than work and get to know your colleagues in a more relaxed context. All in all just make sure you maintain certain standards of behavior and you should be able to eat, drink and be merry.

Need some further tips? Take a lot at this inforgaphic created by Reflect Blog


Work Christmas Party Survival Guide[Source Reflect Digital]

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