What Does it Take to Land Your Dream Job?

What Does it Take to Land Your Dream Job?

Everyone hopes for a dream job, but only a few people get it. This is because not everyone is prepared to go the extra mile to land their perfect job.  Often you need to take risks or change bad work habits and beliefs to secure a better career.

Complaining Too Much about Your Job

It is normal to have a love/hate relationship with your job. After all, there’s no perfect boss or company in this world. But if you complain too much and too often, and worse, if you don’t do anything about it, you will be jeopardising your career. Instead of saying negative things about your current work, take steps to make it better. Talk to your boss and discuss your current situation in the company. Better yet, take some time to reflect; perhaps you need to chase your dream job elsewhere.

Waiting Too Long for a Promotion

If you’ve been with a company for more than three years and you still haven’t received a promotion, you may be partly at fault. As long as you know that you’ve worked hard for the team, you have to be assertive about getting that promotion. Set up a meeting with your boss and talk to him or her about your future in the company. If the organisation can’t offer you what you feel you deserve, start thinking about taking a new career path; one that would lead you to your dream job.

Networking Only When It’s Convenient

Whether you’re employed or not, you must never ignore the power of networking. Most recruitment agencies in London say that you’re more likely to land a job if your CV lists strong referees. Instead of networking only when it’s convenient or when you need something, start building connections. Attend business conferences, seminars or events, as these are the perfect place to meet new people who might help you get the job you want.

You can never expect to get what you want if you don’t work for it. After all, the job of your dreams is unlikely to be handed to you on a silver platter. So, start breaking these lazy work habits and you’ll be more prepared to land your dream job.

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