The Best Degrees

The Best Degrees

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What are the best degrees for getting a high paid job?

For the first time, the government has published data showing how much graduates from specific degree courses at specific universities can expect to earn. Previously the data had only indicated which were the most lucrative subjects to study.

Instinctively, you might think that the highest salaries would be earned by those who studied professional vocational courses (e.g. medicine and law) at Oxford and Cambridge. However, the data shows that the degree course with the highest earnings potential in the UK is economics at the London School of Economics (LSE). Five years after graduation, the median salary for those who completed this course is £55,200 per annum. Even the lowest paid graduates from this programme can expect to earn £45,000, while the top 25% can expect to earn a whopping £120,000 or more.

The highest median salary is for the economics and management degree at Oxford. Five years after graduating, those who completed this course are earning £76,000 per annum on average, although the earnings of the top 25% are lower than the LSE at £118,000.

The next best paid courses, based on the median earnings five years after graduation are:

3rd – Computer Science at Imperial College, London – £51,800

4th – Medicine at Glasgow – £49,200

5th – Engineering at Aberdeen – £49,000

By the same measure, the lowest paying degree courses are:

1st – Media Studies at Bangor – £15,500

2nd – Education at Manchester – £16,500

3rd – Modern Languages at Salford – £16,700

4th – Psychology at Glyndwr – £16,800

5th – Law at Bradford – £17,500

The presence of a law degree in the bottom five may surprise some, although the national median earnings for law graduates five years after graduation is only £25,300.

The highest paying degrees, as we have seen, are those in economics from LSE and Oxford. However, studying this subject elsewhere may not be a passport to riches, with economics graduates from Wolverhampton and East London universities expected to earn no more than £20,000.

When we look at salaries being earned by graduates of all UK universities, economics is only the second best paying subject, behind medicine/dentistry. Veterinary science is third in this list and mathematics fourth.

Across all universities, graduates in creative arts and agriculture can expect the lowest salaries.

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