The future looks bright for Accountants in 2013

The future looks bright for Accountants in 2013

Before the end of 2012 the ONS announced that UK unemployment had fallen by 82, 000. Whilst this was a great boost for employment and the economy, there is still a long way to go, particular for the Finance Industry.

In the past few years the Finance Industry has been battered by poor reputation from the recession and the affects of thousands of job losses. However it is not all doom and gloom, there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic about 2013.

KennedyPearce previously blogged about the pivotal role accountants are playing in boosting the UK economy and it seems that role is still set in 2013. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills found that the modern-day role of accountants as the most fundamental source of advice for businesses everywhere rubber stamps their importance to the future of the economy in 2013.

A recent article in Accounting Today expressed the need for mid-weight finance professionals in the current economic climate in America and the same hypothesis can be applied to accountants in the UK; as the number of UK SMBs increases and uncertainty on the economic market remains a concern, people are seeking professional advice.

Twenty years executive, Kathy Gans writes:

“Demand for employees with three to five years of experience will continue to remain strong as these professionals bring seasoned industry expertise, without the weighty salary that senior executives require. Mid-level professionals are also eager to learn new skills that will advance their career and further add to an accounting department’s efficiency. “

SMBs loans, schemes and advice sessions from a range of sources from Barcalys to Google are given SMBs great opportunities, along with the increase in crowed sourcing; so it is no surprise we see the number of SMBs in the UK on the increase.

However it is not just accountants that can utilise the way the working world is just changing.  Last week the The Federation of Small Businesses National Chairman, John Walker criticised the banking industry for failing to help small businesses, saying less than 10% of small businesses said they had easy access to finance.

In reference to economy and the predictions for 2013, Walker said: “The signs seem to be positive, but it’s going to be a long road ahead, with some economists warning of a triple-dip recession and others [expressing] cautious optimism.”

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