The importance of researching the Company before a Job Interview

The importance of researching the Company before a Job Interview


During a job interview, your interviewees will know all about you. You’ve made it this far because they have researched you, they’ve evaluated your C.V and Cover Letter, and perhaps they’ve even scoured your Social Media Channels. It’s only right you should research the company you are applying for, not only will this give you a better understanding of the job but it will also make a good impression at your interview.

Interviews are connections. Interviewers look for a connection with the interviewees. So if you understand the tone and aims of the company you are applying for, you will stand a better chance of making a connection.

Here are KennedyPearce’s top tips for researching a company:

1. Start with the Company’s website:

This is a great place to start as it is usually the single best resource. The ‘About’ sections will give you a greater clarity on the company, its heritage and its goals. If they have a blog this will also give you an indication of what service and information they provide to their customers as well as informing you of any news regarding the company.


2. Social Media Channels:

These are a great way of establishing a company’s voice and culture, providing they are using them of course. Check Twitter to see what kind of information is being tweeted. Also use LinkedIn to see if they have a company profile and to find employees. This could be beneficial to see if you have any shared contacts who may be able to give you some ‘insider’ knowledge, in addition you can look at their job duties and typical tasks. When you’re at the interview, and it’s appropriate, you can say ‘I’m actually connected to so and so who works in marketing through a friend.”

3. Competitors:

Search the company’s competitors to see where the company stands in relation to their industry. A good idea would be to establish how this company is working differently to their competitors, do they have different ethics? Do they target a more specific/broader client or perhaps they crowd source? Working out what sets this company apart from its competitors could be a good talking point in your interview when answering why you applied for the job.

4. Reviews:

Check out reviews of the company. See if clients have left any feedback or testimonials, you will be able to get a better gauge of the service the company offer. Reviews from Employees are also useful, websites like GlassDoors let employees rate their employer anonymously and give reviews. Carol gives you annual reports and specific research for companies and Hoovers is a company industry research centre with all kinds of comprehensive research.

Not only will researching give you a better understanding of your employer and impress in the interview, it will also give you an idea of further information you would wish to know; so you can ask questions at the interview. However if you’re unable to find any information on the company, you could always use the line: “I’m really intrigued by the company and I’m really excited to learn more.”

Good luck!

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