The Lunch Break Challenge

The Lunch Break Challenge

We explained the benefits to your stress levels that taking your full hour lunch break can have in our previous blog post:  4 Simple Relaxation Tips for the Workplace. Alarmingly fewer than two out of 10 workers regularly take a lunch break away from their desks. Taking your full lunch break doesn’t just help you with managing your stress levels, you can use it to learn new skill, to network, or even just to recharge. Feeling uninspired with you lunch break? KennedyPearce give you 5 better ways to spend your lunch break, and we want to try all of these next month, are you ready for our KennedyPearce Lunch Break Challenge?

1. Discover a new eatery

Variety is the spice of life, so don’t get stuck into the same routine of always visiting the same cafe on your street or always sticking to the office canteen and never leaving your building! Make it an aim for at least once a week to take the time and effort to chairswalk a bit further or in a different direction, or even get on the tube too and check out a new eatery. You never know you may stumble on some great places that you’ll be taking your friends too on the weekend! Use apps like ‘tripadvisor’ or ‘gourmettraveller’ to view recommendations and get eating!


2. Read

Put down the electronic devices! Resist checking your mobile and go find a quiet place to read and get stuck into a good book! Cafes and parks (spring is coming!) are the obvious places but how about doing a quick google search to find out where your closest library is? These are great, quiet places to get stuck into a good book. Plus you’ll never be short of anything to read!


3. Catch up with a colleague or friend

cakeDo you work in a similar area to one of your friends or an old colleague you could network with? A quick catch up can help you unwind, plus may be good for networking or bouncing ideas of one another. Why not take them to that awesome cafe you found when you were looking for a new eatery?

4. Get organized.

The stress caused by a cluttered personal life can weigh you down. Even the little things such as making a phone call to the gas company, sending an email, booking an appointment or texting a friend to keep in touch can all add up and stress you out. Use your lunch break to take care of items on your to-do list.  We recommend using to do list apps like Wunderlist. Getting these little bits crossed off will make you feel accomplished and help take a load off your mind.

gym5. Exercise

Use your lunch break to fit in an Excercise session to get your blood pumping and the endorphins flowing! Excercise not only keeps you physically healthy but helps mentally by reducing your stress and anxiety levels. If you’re near your gym, squeeze in a gym session even if it is just 25 minutes on the treadmill! Other ideas is to go for an Exercise class, a quick jog around a near by park or even just a power walk away from the office and back! Even a little bit of exercise will help.
So the challenge is to try and complete all of these 5 things, at least once, in one month, are you ready? Let us know how you get and how you feel on @KennedyPearce #lunchbreakchallenge

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