The Queen’s speech – ‘in many ways good for businesses’

The Queen’s speech – ‘in many ways good for businesses’

The Queen’s speech, given earlier this week, as been commended by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) for being good for businesses.

The speech, given on Wednesday, opened with the following introduction:

My lords and members of the House of Commons.

My government’s legislative programme will continue to focus on building a stronger economy so that the United Kingdom can compete and succeed in the world.

It will also work to promote a fairer society that rewards people who work hard.

My government’s first priority is to strengthen Britain’s economic competitiveness. To this end, it will support the growth of the private sector and the creation of more jobs and opportunities

For many,  the speech lived up to to earlier expectations that it might be fairly ‘lightweight’– as much of the coalition government’s legislative programme had already been announced and the most important goal remains to reduce the deficit.

Kate Shoesmith, head of policy at REC, sees this as a positive, stating “In many ways, this can be seen as good news for business as what our economy needs more than ever at this time is stability, rather than more legislation and potential bureaucracy. ”

Kate Shoesmith further commented on some more postive aspects of the speech including the Deregulation Bill, which aims to reduce excessive bureaucracy and regulations placed upon businesses. Shoesmith says: “We hope this will be good news for employers and we will work with government to ensure that, as they move forward with deregulation and the red tape challenge, they do not unwittingly cut the important safeguards and assurances that protect our industry. This is why we have argued so strongly against proposals to abolish the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EASI) during the recent consultation on the Conduct Regulations”

Another key point for businesses was the The National Insurance Contributions Bill. Announced in the budget, the bill introduces a £2,000 Employment Allowance for all businesses and charities in the hopes of boosting employment. The bill is of real interest to recruiters, their clients and candidates as well as Small and Medium sized businesses.

hs2 railwayThe HS2 railway line is also an important measure to consider. Multiple bills were included to pave the way for development of the high speed rail line.  The proposed route for Phase Two of HS2 is to extend North linking Birmingham with Manchester and Leeds (via stations in the East Midlands and Sheffield). The high speed access to Northern cities could prove a great asset to commuters and businesses.

During the speech the Department for Transport tweeted:

” New #HS2 paving bill will help fast track this important project enabling the country to benefit as soon as possible #QueensSpeech “

To see the full text of the Queen’s speech, head The Guardian’s webpage:


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