Things To Do When Returning From Holiday

Things To Do When Returning From Holiday

Back From Holiday

Things to do at work once you return from holiday

So, you’ve had a break from work, and hopefully recharged your batteries. Now it’s time to get back to work. Here we look at things you should be doing once you return:

  • If possible, have a full day at home between getting back from your holiday and going in to work, although this will of course depend on what annual leave you can afford to take. This ‘transition day’ allows you to attend to domestic matters and get over any jetlag
  • Talk to your boss and other colleagues and get an update on what has been happening since you went away. Find out what tasks and projects have progressed, and which haven’t, and which queries have and haven’t been answered
  • These updates from your colleagues will then help you as you work your way through the emails that have accumulated in your inbox during your absence. You can then decide how to reply to each message, and which ones you can delete without replying. It can help to group your emails by sender, rather than just working through them chronologically
  • Make a ‘to do’ list of things you want to accomplish in the coming days and weeks
  • Try to avoid having to attend any appointments and major meetings on your first day back, if at all possible
  • Remind yourself of what’s in your work diary for the coming days
  • Get back into your usual work routine as soon as possible, i.e. doing your regular tasks, taking your usual lunch, drinking your usual things
  • Consider booking another holiday straightaway, even if it’s just a weekend break or a day to explore your local sights and attractions. Doing this can give you something to look forward to as you try to overcome the ‘back to work blues’
  • Also give yourself things to look forward to in your first week back, such as lunch with colleagues, some of your favourite foods or a social get together

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