Things to take to a Job Interview

Things to take to a Job Interview

Before you leave for a job interview, there are a number of things you should make sure you take with you. These include:

Details of where you are going, and who you are meeting. You certainly don’t want to forget where the interview is taking place, and it’s also not ideal if you walk into reception and forget who you need to ask for.

The job description. Make sure you read this again just before the interview to remind you what the job entails. This then allows you to decide which skills and experiences you need to highlight in the interview.

A copy of your CV. Most interviewers will have a copy with them in the interview room, but if they don’t, offer them a copy.

A pen and paper. You may find you are asked to complete some sort of written exercise, and the interviewer may not provide a pen. Having some notepaper handy also allows you to write down any questions to ask the interviewer that occur to you during the course of the interview.

A list of questions you might ask your interviewer.

Examples of your work. Unless you are pursuing a job in a creative industry, it is not essential to take examples of your previous work to an interview. However, if you do have a few pages of previous work examples that show you in a particularly good light, by all means take them with you – just don’t take too many examples.

Grooming tools. Take a few things to allow you to brush up your appearance before you go in. For example, it might be a windy day and your hair may take a battering on the way there.

Anything you have been asked to take. Check your interview invitation carefully, and see if there is anything you have been asked to bring. Common examples might include your passport or other evidence of your right to work in the UK, contact details of referees, or your academic or professional qualification certificates.

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