Things To Do Before Your Holiday

Things To Do Before Your Holiday

Before Your Holiday

Things to do at work before your holiday starts

We all need a break from work at times to recharge our batteries. However, coming back to work after a holiday can sometimes be a very stressful experience if issues and tasks have ‘built up’ in your absence.

Here are some things you should do before leaving work before your holiday:

  • Try to avoid booking appointments or major meetings for the day of your return, leaving the time free for you to manage your email backlog and catch up with your boss and other colleagues
  • Make a ‘to do’ list of things you want to accomplish before your holiday starts, and consider how you might achieve these
  • If the company relies on you to complete certain tasks, to any extent, then let colleagues know where important office procedure manuals and the like can be found. If other people will need access to computer systems and secure storage areas, let them know the passwords and access codes, although you should be careful about divulging these to more people than is necessary
  • Leave your desk clean before you leave
  • Set an ‘out of office’ notification on your email account that lets people know when you will return, and who they should contact with any queries in the meantime. Think about who are the best people to ‘cover’ for you in your absence. Consider whether this message should invite people to direct ‘all enquiries’ to your colleagues, or just ‘urgent enquiries’. It’s a tough balancing act – the former could lead to resentment from one or more colleagues who end up being deluged with queries, but the latter could lead to you having to spend a lot of time replying to less urgent matters on your return
  • If you often receive work-related calls on your mobile, then you won’t want to be deluged with calls and messages while lying on the beach! Consider telling your key contacts you will be away, and maybe even record a special voicemail message, which might contain similar information to that which is on your ‘out of office’ email
  • Brief your boss and other colleagues on important issues that may need to be addressed in your absence
  • Although you are on holiday, you may need to ask yourself what your company expects of you when you are away. Unfortunately, some employers might expect you to periodically check your emails and messages during your ‘break’

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