Thinking of a new career? Ask yourself these questions first

Thinking of a new career? Ask yourself these questions first

A recent YouGov Survey found that 27% of UK workers do not feel satisfied by their current job. Is this you? Are you in need of a much needed change?

Before you start looking into career options, it’s really important to assess and evaluate what the next step may be to make an informed decision. KennedyPearce has put together some important questions you should ask yourself.

1. What do you love?

For you to find contentment in your career it’s vital to asses what you love to do and what kind of working environment makes you happy.Think from big to small with this one, because we’re not just talking big questions like ‘What would be my ideal job?’ But also more pragmatic thought provoking questions like: ‘Do you like work that involves meeting new people?’ ‘Could a more interactive role with customers suit you better? ‘Do you enjoy  problem solving, being more hands on or being creative?’ Perhaps a role that encompasses these skills more would be more rewarding.

Also really assess whether what you love outside of work is more important to you than your career. Could you combine your work and what you love  in a career, or if not could they work together in harmony by considering questions like ‘Could lower hours or less responsibility make me happier, so I have more time for my own interests?’ ‘Or could working in a different career provide funds and transferable skills that you could use in your own hobbies and projects?’

For example if it is your dream to one day open up a small business, make sure your next career choice provides you with skills and experience that will help you with that.

What am I good at?

Should you do what you love or what you are good at? Well the best thing is to combine the two. The next question after assessing what you love is to ask what are you good at and what skills you have,

Think about the previous jobs you’ve had:

What value did you bring to your workplace?

What would your former employers say were your best skills?

Was there anything you found difficult and worked hard at to improve?

What tasks do you find easy?

It doesn’t really matter which jobs you’ve had. What we are working out here is which career could complement your skill set. It’s going to be much more practical and increase your chances of success if you apply for a job you are well qualified to do. However, when thinking about the tasks you’ve completed, consider which ones made you happy, which ones you hate and which ones you are good at. Next step is to create a list of both skills you are good at and love to do.

3. Long Term Goals 

After considering the first two questions you can now think long term.To achieve fulfillment think about where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time. Ultimately what is your goal?

Perhaps it is stability you are after? Or flexibility? Or do you want to work your way up through the ranks to a more managerial role? If the latter then when looking at new careers you need to consider if there is any growth and room to advance in your next career if that’s what you want to do.

Think hard about what type if job would suit you in the long run. You’ll find you are a lot happier if you are in a career working towards your own ultimate goal.

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