Tips for Your first Manager Interview

Tips for Your first Manager Interview

Interviewing under any circumstance can be nerve wrecking, but it can be especially so when it is an interview that is a step up from your previous role, such as your first time managerial/supervisor role. Fear not, KennedyPearce gives you our top Tips for Your first Manager Interview

Your C.V

Despite not having that manager or supervisor job title in your job history, your c.v is your first big chance. Mess this up and you won’t even get an interview. Make sure you include any supervisory or leadership roles you’ve played in past positions whether that be in a team, on a project, in the office, on a Committee and any involvement with industry and professional organisations to demonstrate your ability to work well with and lead different groups of individuals.

Be sure to also tap into any volunteer work you’re involved in if it helps demonstrate your leadership skills. Basically use your CV to show the employer that you’re someone who has taken on leadership or supervisory roles in the past, even if it wasn’t in an official capacity.

Your Attitude
There are certain managerial traits that your employer will be looking for so make sure you showcase these in the interview. A few nerves are good thing, but don’t get too freaked out. After all the employer will be looking for a confident, assertive individual that can keep a level head when the pressure is on! Answer questions with confidence, don’t umm and err your words. Maintain a good amount of eye contact and be sincere in your tone. Go in with the ‘Manager’ attitude!

Be Prepared
Being prepared will not only help you highlight your strong points to your potential employer but will also calm your nerves and give you that confident attitude we mentioned in the previous point. Do your research on the company and position in advance of your interview so you’re better prepared for impressing the hiring managers with your knowledge. For this type of role expect some behavioral-style interview questioning in which you’re asked to provide real-life examples of past work experiences. Make sure you go through interview questions and practise saying them with an assertive attitude.

Elaborate on you leadership abilities
Wisely you’ve already thought about your leaderships skills and put down some points on your CV. In the interview the interviewer is looking for you to elaborate on these points with examples. Good examples for managerial/ supervisory roles include past work experiences in which you managed conflict, supervised others, were responsible for staff development or were asked to solve employee-related issues.

Common questions
As this is a managerial / supervisory role expect and be prepared to answer questions on the roles’ responsibility. Obviously every job role is different but some common question to be aware of are:
How you would handle scheduling, how you pick staff for various tasks, resolving disputes between co-workers, handling everyday issues, such as call-ins and no-shows, how you would deal with a compliant or dispute by customer or coworker, how you would enforce discipline, how you would juggle multiple tasks.

Be prepared to talk about how you would approach these tasks, citing past instances in which your organisational skills came into play.

What example would you give to someone going for their first managerial role interview? Let us know in the comments.

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