Tips to help you stay positive in your 2015 jobhunt

Tips to help you stay positive in your 2015 jobhunt

You’re sucking in all the career advice you can handle, but have you changed your attitude?

Getting a new job in the current climate, still takes a lot of work. Whilst there’s plenty of great websites and advice articles in improving your job application the process is still long, tiresome and time consuming. Some might say that the process of looking for a new job is a full time job in itself. A positive approach to your 2015 job hunt could be what’s needed to help you. Here’s Kennedypearce’s top tips on remaining positive when searching for a new job:

clock-499042_6401) Allow yourself a break:

The process of job hunting and job applying takes time and can often be arduous and feel like it is weighing you down. That’s why we suggest scheduling your time better to make sure you have days off from job hunting. This will put you in a better mindset, giving your mind and body a much needed break. Allow yourself a few days off from the grind of job searching, so when you come back to it you will be in a better frame of mind and ready to crack on!

2) Find alternate stimuli:

As well as implementing breaks from job hunting, we also recommend scheduling in time for hobbies and recreational activities to help take care of your body and your mind. if you don’t have a job whilst you’re job hunting it can be hard adjusting to having a surplus of free time on your hands. That’s why it’s important to keep yourself busy. Having too much time to think can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts, so in order to keep your morale high, provide yourself with plenty to do.

3. List what you’re grateful for:

notepad-407197_640An unsuccessful job search can make it easy to stoop into a negative mindset, but fight the urge to lower yourself and your mood. Instead think positively. Try to list off the things you are grateful for. Start with the obvious; your family, friends, health, or home are good things to remind yourself to be thankful for. The more things you can list off, the better you’ll feel. Another suggestion is to keep a gratitiude diary, wherby you write down three things you are grateful for every day. This can be a small as a person offering you their seat of the tube, to a friend calling you up. You’ll have a better perspective on all areas of your life if you take the time to be grateful for what you have.

Being out of work can take a toll on your self-esteem alone, without the stresses of a job search. Don’t make things harder on yourself with a pessimistic attitude. It might seem hard to stay positive after weeks or months of job seeking, but by doing what you can to keep your confidence high and your mind focused you’ll be able to see yourself through into that next job. If you need any further help or guidance, Kennedypearce’s expert recruiters are here to help. Contact us now.

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