Tips: How to ask your boss for a pay rise

Tips: How to ask your boss for a pay rise

In this current economic climate, with unemployment figures high, many people feel they can’t ask for a pay rise. However, you should be paid what you are worth, regardless. Employers should not be looking to take advantage of employees during this time and employees shouldn’t let them. If you believe you are entitled to a pay rise, it’s time to arrange a meeting with your boss to ask for one.

Here, KennedyPearce have listed our top tips for asking your boss for a pay rise.

Know what you’re worth:

It’s a good idea to know the worth of your job to make sure you are being paid a fair amount. You can do this by looking at job vacancies for similar roles and seeing what their salary rate is. Another way is to check out some of the salary guides which you can find easily online.

Salary calculators are also an option, they compare factors such as your location and your skills to other similiar jobs positions. Some calculators to check out include:




researching pay riseHowever this guide is just for you. Don’t say to your boss ‘I should be paid x amount, because people in my industry are,’. You want your boss to pay you extra because of the great work you do. Therefore you should focus on why you should be entitled to a pay rise, focusing on your performance and your duties.



Timing is everything:

Don’t wait for a performance review, if you think you are entitled to a pay raise make sure you speak up. A good idea is to wait until you have just completed a big project, or won a new client or taken on some new responsibilities. This is good because the more responsibility you have or the more productive you are for the company the harder it is for the company to do without you.

However if your performance isn’t going so well at the moment then now is not the best time to suggest a pay rise.

Be confident and be realistic:

pay riseMany people become nervous with the thought of asking for money. If you are one of them convince yourself that you’re worth it. Make sure you’re realistic about how much of a pay increase you are after, and be prepared to negotiate. If your boss is under paying you already, it’s likely he/she will challenge your proposed pay rise.

Remember the worst thing that can happen is that your boss says no and you don’t get a raise, which is where you are at the moment anyway – so go on, ask!

You asked  for a pay rise and you didn’t get it:

Most of the time people who ask for a raise and don’t get it, walk away. However asking is just the first step. Your response shouldn’t be whining, sulking or storming out of the office. Your next step should be to ask your boss, ‘What do I need to do to get the raise I think I deserve?’”

If the response isn’t encouraging then it may be time to start looking for another job. Bear in mind, no job lasts forever, and you may have exhausted prospects for advancement with your current employer.

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