Top Tips For Hiring Great Admin Staff

Top Tips For Hiring Great Admin Staff

Any business, in any industry needs the help and support of good quality admin staff. They can be seen as the backbone of a business, supporting all other employees and aiding customers. However finding these great workers can be tricky. You need to be patient and ensure you take the time to source the best candidate for your business.

At KennedyPearce, we’ve shared our recruiting knowledge to provide you with our Top Tips for Hiring Great Admin Staff:

1. Know who to Attract
Take a good look at your company and work out what you need in administrative support, what skills are needed to use your computers and what qualities do you look for in the workplace. For example when it comes to technology skills, experience with Excel, SAP, Pronto, Oracle and Microsoft Office are all keenly sought after. Be sure to write your skills and qualities down so you can taylor your job advert and aid your interview questions with them.

2. Narrow it Down
Now you have worked out the type of candidate you want to attract it is time to let your candidate know what type of business you are. Think about the roles and responsibilities your admin staff will carry out, write a list of all the tasks and include a job title. Your potential candidates will want to know about wages and the potential for growth in the company. Instead of being caught unguarded, have a plan and a solid response so that you can build a strong base for your growing company.

3. Search Far, Search Wide.
The further you search the more likely it is that you will secure a candidate who is an ideal fit for the role, or even better, who exceeds your expectations.

Be sure to let people within your professional network know the type of employee you are seeking. After all referral sources are unlikely to recommend candidates who could disappoint you.

A great way to ensure you reach the best caliber of candidates for your role, is to use a recruiter. Recruitment consultants know how to attract the best talent, they work with administrative professionals on a daily basis and have an extensive network they can tap into. With the extra help from points one and two provided to your recruiter you can attract high potential candidates.

4. Prepare for the Interview
Unless you know exactly what to ask (and what not to ask), you’ll need to develop an interview process that will help you find the best people. Again, recruiters can be a great asset to helping you with the interview process. Instead of asking the clichéd interview questions like, “what do you hope to achieve in five years time?” get down to the harder hitting questions and throw in some real life scenarios too, such as ‘how would they handle a negative complaint from a customer or member of staff?’, ‘how would they deal the with a technological error in the moments before a deadline?’. How a candidate responds to real life scenarios can speak volumes about their skills and professionalism.

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