Top Wish Lists for Employees

Top Wish Lists for Employees

What do Job Seekers look for – Top Wish Lists for Employees

Jobseekers may be looking for a number of things when considering whether to apply for a particular position.

Basic Salary

This is the best known recruitment incentive. We all need a basic salary to meet our everyday expenses, and obviously the higher our salary is, the better the home and car we can afford, and the more luxury items we can buy.

Other Salary Payments

Whether this is sales-based commission, regular seasonal bonus payments or other performance-related enhancements, remuneration schemes can allow many employees to earn substantially more than their basic salary.

Promotion Opportunities

An employer that rewards good performance, and allows high calibre employees to rise through the ranks wherever possible, can be a very good company to work for.

Job Variety

Variety is the spice of life! Many jobseekers are looking for a role with a varied programme of duties and responsibilities. In smaller companies, where opportunities for promotion can be limited, job enlargement – allowing employees to take on additional tasks related to their main job role – can be an excellent way of keeping their staff motivated.

Flexible Working

Many people welcome the opportunity to vary their working hours, or even to work from home, rather than being told that they have to attend the office every day and work the company’s standard hours. This may be because they have childcare responsibilities, or because they want to tailor their working hours around the times of public transport.

Pension Scheme

By 2018, almost every company in the UK will need to enrol its employees into some form of occupational pension scheme, and will need to make payments into these schemes. Some companies however offer very generous pension schemes, into which they make very substantial payments, say of 5% of the employee’s salary, or more.

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