Why use a Recruitment Agency to help you find a job

Why use a Recruitment Agency to help you find a job

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The traditional way of looking for a job is maybe to scour the jobs pages of newspapers and magazines, and send off your CV to the ones you are interested in. However, there are many reasons why you should also use the services of a recruitment agency, and these include:

Access to more vacancies – some roles are never advertised in newspapers, in trade magazines or on the company’s website, and the only way you would find out that the vacancy existed is if you were registered with an agency that was handling the role.

Agencies usually specialise – by finding a recruitment agency that specialises in your business sector, you can ensure you get access to the roles that suit your qualifications, skills and experience. Your consultant should have a range of contacts at companies within your business sector, and should know whether you are likely to be a good fit for a particular company’s organisational culture.

Professional advice – professional recruitment consultants can give you valuable advice on how to promote what you can offer, both on your CV and at interview. For example, they can advise you on key words to use on your CV, particular experience you should highlight as being especially relevant and ways you could handle difficult interview questions.

Feedback is more likely to be available – if you are unsuccessful in your application for a particular role, it can be easier to obtain feedback on why you were not offered the role if you have a recruitment consultant acting for you. You can then use this feedback to improve your chances when pursuing other roles.

Temporary work is easier to find – if you are looking for temporary work, then the advantages of using an agency are even greater, as very few temporary jobs are advertised in the press. By temping through an agency you may be able to obtain work at very short notice, and possibly without the need for a formal interview.

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