Using a Specialist Finance Recruiter

Using a Specialist Finance Recruiter

Using a specialist finance recruitment agency

Some recruitment agencies will handle almost any type of vacancy in almost any type of company. Others however specialise in either one business sector, or in a few areas of specialism.

If you are seeking a new opportunity in the finance sector, what are the benefits of using a specialist agency?

The consultant will understand what you do. If your consultant specialises in finance, they will understand what the various finance roles involve and what the various professional qualifications are.

The consultant will understand what companies want. A consultant that specialises in finance will know the skills, personal qualities, experience and qualifications that are required for a particular role. They can target the vacancies that match your CV.

The consultant will know what the culture is within companies in the sector. A finance recruitment consultant will have knowledge of the company culture in many of the sector’s leading employers, and will know if your personality fits with that culture.

The consultant will have industry contacts. A specialist finance recruitment consultant will know the key decision makers at major finance employers, such as senior management and/or human resources representatives. They may therefore be first to know when a new vacancy comes up. Having built these relationships, they may also be able to advise you in advance as to the character and personality of your interviewer, and what you might need to do to impress them.

The consultant will understand the sector in general. Finance recruitment consultants should know the recent developments in that sector. They may be able to give you information about projects and initiatives being pursued by a company whose vacancy you are shortlisted for – this should help you answer the ‘What do you know about us’ question at interview, and perhaps provide scope for questions you could ask at the end of the interview. They can advise you on what salary to ask for if you are asked the question at interview, or in any negotiations following a job offer. They can also offer general advice on how you can maximise your appeal to employers in the finance sector.

Here at Kennedy Pearce, accountancy and finance is one of only four areas we specialise in. So if you’re looking for a new opportunity in finance, contact Kennedy Pearce today.

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