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Video CVs

Video CV

Virtual Introduction: How Video CVs Can Get You a Job

Any job applicant would want to stand out from the pool of candidates. Other than distinct credentials, applicants would give unconventional answers in a job interview or showcase an extraordinary talent. All to prove that they’re better than the rest.

Traditionally, a CV is how we make the first impression. However, there are now new ways to communicate your qualifications to companies.

A video CV is one of the newest tools utilised by job seekers to introduce themselves to a company. If you are looking for a way to impress a prospective employer, this audiovisual format may be a helpful tool for you.

Format and Objective

There is no standard format in creating a video resume. Some applicants go for a more traditional route and wear corporate attire while using a professional tone. Others may opt to be more casual and laidback when discussing the details of their qualifications. The layout depends on how an applicant wants to be perceived.

Every video CV, however, should have only have one objective, and that is to make a strong case on why you’re the best person for the job.

Advantages of a Video CV

Any company wants an employee who leaves a mark. By sending a video CV, candidates can show their edge over other applicants even before meeting their future employer.

A video CV can also reflect an applicant’s enthusiasm, vigour and other likeable qualities that would not have been present in a conventional CV. With this resource, employers get a good glimpse of verbal and nonverbal indications that make you the best choice.

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