Want to Be Promoted? How to Show Employers your Ambition

Want to Be Promoted? How to Show Employers your Ambition

Want to be promoted?

How to show your employer you are ambitious

Is there a possibility you could be promoted, or could move sideways to another role within the organisation? If there is, you need to display the right attitude in the workplace, and demonstrate to your bosses that you are ambitious. Even if promotion or an internal move is not on the cards, many companies operate performance related pay, so demonstrating ambition could help you get a salary increase.

Ways you may be able to demonstrate your ambition include:

  • Set yourself goals – at the start of a new year, a new month, a new week or even a new working day, take some time to ask yourself what you want to achieve, and think about how you could reach your goal
  • Consider what professional qualifications you can take, or what other training and development you can undertake – if the training is relevant to the role, a good employer should applaud your desire to better yourself. Ask what your employer can offer in terms of study support, such as money towards examination and training fees, or paid study leave
  • Show initiative – if you think there are better ways of getting the job done, or you believe you can take on additional tasks that are related to your main role, then share your ideas with your boss
  • Assist your boss – try and identify tasks which your line manager carries out that you could offer to help with. If your offer is accepted, it then allows you to gain experience of the type of tasks carried out by people from a higher salary grade, and may facilitate your own promotion at a later date
  • Volunteer for special tasks and projects – these give you the chance to undertake work that is different to your regular duties, and thus gain additional skills and experience
  • Stay later to get the job done – this may not involve working hugely unsocial hours, or accumulating vast amounts of unpaid overtime. It may simply involve ensuring you finish the task or file you are working on at the end of the day, rather than dropping everything as soon as your contracted hours are done

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