Ways to improve cohesion between employees

Ways to improve cohesion between employees

Improve Employee Cohesion

If you have any staff reporting to you, then it is a good idea to consider ways of improving the way these employees work together. After all, it is only by accident that these people have been thrown together, and they will not necessarily all be the best of buddies.

Things you could consider to improve the cohesion between your staff include:

Restricting use of internal email. It can be a little odd to send someone an email when they are sitting very close to you, but plenty of office workers do exactly that on a regular basis. Encourage your staff to go over and speak to the other person instead, unless perhaps they need to email a document. Some companies operate specific ‘no email’ days, when staff need to interact face-to-face instead.

Social events. These can be very effective in getting people from different business areas talking to each other. However, take care to ensure that the social event is something that your staff would want to attend, and it’s also best to make the event one that doesn’t involve employees having to dig deep into their pockets. Additionally, you really shouldn’t put pressure on staff to attend social events if they don’t wish to.

Staff lunches. Is the company in a position to pay for the occasional team lunch at a quality local venue? Again, these can be excellent ways of getting staff talking to each other.

Allow staff to learn about other people’s jobs. Many jobs involve working with other business functions within the company, yet many employees still don’t really understand what everyone does. If you encourage your staff to learn what these other roles involve, they can get a sense of how the different job roles interact with one another. Furthermore, if staff know what someone else’s job involves, then they may also be able to cover for colleagues from other areas in cases of sickness or holiday absence.

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