What are your employees finding annoying?

What are your employees finding annoying?

It’s can be the really little things that get to us and interrupt our work flow and productivity in the office. What do your employees find to be the most frustrating things in the office and how easily can these be resolved?

Expert Market, Europe’s biggest B2B marktetplace, carried out a survey of over 1000 office workers to determine which office equipment/utilities frustrated office workers the most, and had the biggest impact on their morale at work. Here are the results:

How many can you relate to?

Top 10 Most Frustrating Things in the Office that Aren

These annoyances may seem small but they can have big consequences. Annoying things like a printer jam can cause extra stress when printing out documents and preparing for a presentation. A cheap, poorly made office chair can cause you back pain after long periods of use and interfere with your work flow and/or health.

That’s why if you want your staff to be efficient and get more satisfaction from the workplace, it is important to be aware of the little niggling annoyances your employees face in the office and deal with them. Most of the time these little annoyances can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. It may be a case of installing new light bulbs or extra light fittings in the office, or doing some research and purchasing some ergonomic office chairs. A little change can make a big difference.

So be upfront, speak to your employees either face to face or get them to write down anonymously what they find annoying in the office and their solution to the problem.

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