What employees look for in employers

What employees look for in employers

So we’ve talked a lot in our blog posts about what an employer looks for in an employee, the kind of personality, skills and work ethic that will help get you that interview. But what about the qualities that job seekers are looking for in potential employers? Aside from salary, when an applicant is looking for a new job what attracts them?

KennedyPearce outlines a few examples of what employees look for in employers:


The best employees in the world are looking to make the most of their careers. They want to be challenged and also feel they are getting the most from their job. They want to continue learning and increase their skills and also be able to grow and move through the ranks.

If you’re an employee looking for a job with opportunity then a good question to ask at your interview is ‘what opportunity for growth is there within the company?’Just be sure not to make your personal growth the focus of the interview, or it may appear as if you’re disregarding the position you’re actually interview in for!

If you’re an employer think about how you would answer that question. What in house or external training do you provide? Do you give opportunities for your employees to network or work on different projects?


Employers want the security that they have their job. Short terms contracts are less appealing than long term contracts for most employees. Knowing that you have a stable position within an organisation not only is comforting, but it also is in the employer’s best interest. Instead of being stressed and anxious about loosing their job, an employee can instead focus better on their work.

A company with a history of being steady with hiring and firing is another good sign to employees.

Company culture
A potential employee will get a feel for the company a number of ways. Social media channels, websites, ‘about us’ and ‘meet the team’ web pages, news reports, company blogs and even going to the company for a job interview. So, how good is your company voice?

Culture is what you stand for as a company. Culture is what individuals within your company care about in life and how they view the world. Potential employees understand that culture is hugely important to their future happiness and success.

Company Values
This is intertwined with company culture as your culture is set upon you core company values.

A company is out to do business, but still made of people and people like to be surrounded by others with similar core values and beliefs. Know what your company stands for and what its goals are for the future. Share these with prospects, because when an employee finds a core values match to a company, there’s the potential they will be great for the company long term.


Companies that provide flexibility to their workforce recognise that each employee have their own life outside of the office.

Flexibility options like working from home or be able to choose what time you start and leave the office (providing you reach the correct quota of hours) are great attractions to appeal to potential employers. Many employees would pick a more,flexible job that suits their lifestyle better over one with a higher salary.

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