What Keeps Employees Motivated? [infographic]

What Keeps Employees Motivated? [infographic]

Happy employees means motivated employees, who are a key component to a successful business. Lots of research has show this correlation, after all an unhappy employee is unlikely to be motivated.

A recent survey found that a whopping 78% of employees cited ‘Recognition’ rather than ‘money’ as the main motivating factor in their career. As managers and team leaders it is an important to incentivise the workforce in the right way to ensure they are motivated.

To give you some inspiration on what motivates your employees the right way, we’ve added the following infographic from Salesforce.

So print it out and hang it on your wall and let it motivate you to motivate:

Key Points:

69% of employees say they would work harder is they were better recognised.

39% of workers do not feel appreciated at work

72% of the current workforce consider themselves disengaged



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