What’s Important in Career Decisions

What’s Important in Career Decisions

Career Decisions

Things that may be more important than money when considering your career options

We all need to pay the bills, but sometimes there are more important things in life than money. The role with the highest salary may not always be the best role for you. Here we look at other things to consider when evaluating the merits of various job roles:

Location of the workplace – Even if you have a job you enjoy, many of the positive feelings you have about work could be tempered if you have to undertake a long, stressful commute twice each day. The time you spend commuting is of course time you can’t spend with your family and friends, or pursuing your hobbies, or taking care of domestic matters. And of course, you aren’t paid for the time you spend on the train, or in a traffic jam! Some jobs require extensive travel, and these types of roles are not for everyone – they can mean you spend a lot of time away from home.

Working hours – How many hours are you contracted to work, and what additional hours are you expected to out in? In some companies and business sectors, long hours might be considered as ‘part of the job’. This can be great if you love your job. However, long hours can lead to stress and difficulty in sleeping, and can stop you spending quality time with your loved ones. It has also been said of jobs that involve long hours that while you might be well-rewarded financially, there is no time in which to spend your earnings!

Company culture – If your company continually makes what you perceive to be excessive demands, is this ruining your experiences of work, and causing you to get stressed and/or dislike going to work? Are you struggling to support the overall direction your company is taking, perhaps due to moral or ethical concerns?

Enjoyment – We spend a large chunk of our lives working, so ideally work has to be something you enjoy. If you really hate your job, you might be happier in a different role that had a slightly lower salary.

Working relationships – You may be in a role that is well suited to your skills and experience, and which you would normally enjoy doing. However, it is difficult to feel positive about any job if you struggle to get on with your boss, or with other colleagues you work with closely.

Promotion opportunities – Might it be better to accept a slightly lower salary in the first instance if you think the role gives you a better chance of being promoted to higher level roles?

Flexible working – You might prefer a job where you can adapt your working hours around your caring responsibilities, or where you can commute to work outside peak times, or where you can work from home.

Other benefits – Remember that companies can offer more than just a basic salary. Before accepting a new role, consider also the pension benefits and other perks on offer, and the number of days holiday you will get each year.

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