Why are employees leaving you?

Why are employees leaving you?

Even though unemployment is high, in today’s business world employee retention can be challenging. A good employee who is resigning can can put strain on a company and its managers. Especially if that employees has been there for a substantial amount of time and received a substantial amount of training. The thought of going through the effort and time to train another newbie can be challenging.

For that reason Managers need to take the time and consideration to working out why an employee leaves. As while there are certain reasons for which nothing can be done to prevent them from leaving, there are numerous situations where retention can be increased.

KenendyPearce have done some research and we’ve discovered the main reasons why employees leave their company.

Are you losing one of your top performers for one of reasons below?

1.  Lack of appreciation

Appreciation can be a massive boost to an employee’s morale especially if they have worked hard and pushed themselves.  It’s important to recognise how an individual’s ideas, work and time contribute to the efficiency and success of your business.

2. A Negative environment

A negative environment which is stressful or unpleasant can eat away at an employee’s morale and is also harmful to well being. Asses your workplace and your work ethos. Are your employees working way past the close of day? Can you improve the office or desk space of an employee? If your employees are working on computers all day,  something as simple as an ergonomic desk chair, keyboard or laptop rest can really improve your employees’ day.

Also are you  considering morale boosting activities such as team building and socialising activities. Even something as simple as a work breakfast morning on the last Friday off the month can reap positive benefits.

3. Lack of fair pay

Dissatisfaction with pay can be a contentious issue. If employees think you are not paying them fairly enough or not offering a work environment that is worth the pay they earn, they may look else where.

4. Lack of opportunity and learning 

Most employees have aspirations of their own. A job positions should be a chance for your employee to gain more experience and skills – are you giving your employees a chance to grow? Appraisals are a great way to asses what your employees want – do they want to be involved in new projects? Do they want some training in a certain area? Make sure you are tuned into your employees if you want to retain them.


Has this blog post made you think more about your employees? What other reasons do you think make employees leave? Leave us a comment below or tweet us: @kennedypearce



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